Wave traybake cake

28 dkg water, 20 dkg lard, salt >> cook it. Bring it to boil and add 28 dkg plain flour, stir it until cold. Mix into cold dough 8 eggs (must have weigh of 56 dkg while still in shell) and lemon zest.

Grease the baking tray well, spread thin layer of the dough on baking tray with a knife, bake in hot open oven (do not close the oven door). The dough will be enough for 6 and ¾ of layers.

Coffee creamy filling

2 ½ butter, 25 dkg sugar – whisk together. Cup of hot coffee, at first use the foam from coffee into cream and them add the rest of the coffee. Then finally add 2 eggs.

Creamy filling

½ litres + 1/8 litres of milk, 25 dkg sugar, 4 egg yolks, 6 tbsp plain flour.

Some of the milk leave aside and whisk with egg yolks and 6 tbsp of flour, rest of the milk boil with sugar then add the cold mixture. When it cools down little bit add 1/8 butter and rum.

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